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        Attempt to introduce the implementation of service concept, three points require special attention:
1、Different market segments
        Onsumers, their needs and expectations of different; therefore, the need for the consumer market analysis, different segments of consumer market segmentation. Each split the market, but also according to different levels of consumer demand is further subdivided into several sub-market. A consumer segment the market as far as possible with other consumer and market separately, and to treat them differently. For example, different consumers based on the purpose of tourism, the tourism market can be broken down accordingly for business tourism and entertainment tourism.
2、Positioning target market
        Each segment of the consumer needs are obvious differences, service enterprises in the provision of services should change accordingly, as far as customer tailored made to order. Companies in the analysis of different consumer segments must be noted that the following two factors: the overall attractiveness of market segments and in the service organization's competitiveness.
3、Innovative service delivery system
        Innovative service delivery system determines the nature of services, consumer demand and changing needs of employees are great to have a clear idea of creative services, would be difficult to improve and meet with change of service delivery systems. McDonald's fast food shops, clubs are service in the Mediterranean "innovative companies" typically, these companies have well-defined consumer segments, and in strict accordance with the various market segments in consumer needs and expectations to design services . It should be clear: innovation is not meant to narrow the range of products, sometimes just the opposite. Innovative service delivery system faces major problems: how to maintain the service delivery system between the different elements of continuity, how to maintain the service delivery system, the coherence time.